Whack A Craft

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Whack A Craft Game Description

Whack a craft is an online and one of the most popular Minecraft games. This flash game is truly very interesting and at the same time very enjoyable. The story of this game is very unique. In this game, you have to collect materials to fight against the enemies. And to collect the material you have to find a different way. Stones, bricks, sand all these materials must be collected to create the weapons. You can collect the materials from a cave. The cave exists in a Minecraft field. All the materials can be collected by breaking tiles. Actually, the tiles are collected from the cave. While playing the game, you need to click on the material to break them.

But one surprising feature of the tiles is they don't stand still. The tiles pop up and down more frequently. Also, you have to wear armor to fight against the enemies. This armor can also be produced from the materials. You have to cross four levels to complete the level. All these four levels are very difficult, and you have to try hard to complete the game. You have to face monsters in the first level. As already mentioned, you have to face several kinds of creatures in different levels, and you have to fight against them. While fighting against the monsters, you have to be very careful, because they can destroy the tiles and can reduce your crafting time. So play the game using your intellect and apply all tricks to defend the enemies and win the game.