Minecraft Raze

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Minecraft Raze Game Description

Minecraft Raze is another very interesting strategy game. This is a flash game. The main story of the game is that the world is attacked by the aliens, and there need some ways to save the world from the aliens. While playing the game, you can discover that the aliens are coming from a different planet. And they are using their intellect to defeat the human society. The first thing they are doing is to penetrate into the human military so that they can easily defeat them.

Now it is your time to make a plan so that you can participate in a race and can control the battle. You should pick up the best human soldier, and equip him with all kinds of armor and weapons. His aim should be to detect the units of the alien and kill them. Now, from this situation, you have to use your own intellect and try several options so that you can gather different kinds of modern weapons to fight against the enemy. As a player, you have to play a great role. When you prepare the best human against the aliens, it is your responsibility to train and prepare him, so that he can strongly defend the aliens. The utilizing power of intellect with prompt action can be the key path to winning this game. For a new player, this game is not only a fun game, but it is a game to learn how you can create a strategy to defeat your enemy.