Minecraft Creeper Diamond

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond Game Description

Minecraft Creeper Diamond is a good and an adventure game. The story line of this game is truly unique and at the same time very encouraging. The central character of this game is a creeper, who wants to acquire a diamond. Now the story of this game begins with the searching of the diamond. The diamond is in a dark cavern on a mountain. Now the creeper needs to go there to collect the diamond. But the journey to the mountain is very difficult and at the same time very dangerous. The whole journey is full of several dangerous obstacles and to win the game you have to complete the journey. You have to face several difficult moments like you have to cross the lava pond by jumping over it, and you have the chance to open the door. The door is the key gateway to reach the place where the diamond is placed.

As a player, you can enjoy the game with so much enthusiasm. And for a new player this game is a completely new experience. One key feature of this game is when you cross the lava pond you should be very conscious so that you should not fall into the lava. If you fall, then you can start again, but in the meantime, you will lose a good amount of time. And time is very precious to play this game because this game includes several levels. So you have to collect the diamond as early as possible and can step to the next level. So use your skill and intelligence and play the game to enjoy the fun.