Mine It

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Mine It Game Description

Mine It is a nice puzzle game. Those who love to play puzzle games; this game is a beautiful gift for them. This flash game is an example of the best utilization of intellect. Previously it can be possible that you have played so many puzzle games, but the difference between those games and this one is you have to utilize your own intellect completely to play and win this game.

One key feature of this game is that you have to play this game with rotating dimension. The play puts target route, and the mines have to hit that route. While playing this game you have to use your own belief. It can be possible that the world can rotate unlimitedly. And it is obvious that you like this unlimited colorful rotation. The best thing is you can't stop the rotation, or it is impossible to stop the rotation of the world. Now you should revolve the blocks so that you can make the most suitable way to the mines.

When you begin to play the game, the revolving task is not so difficult. Even you can create ways for the mines quite easily. But with the increasing points, it is not so easy to make ways for the points. That means the more points you earn; you have to face more obstacles. The most important part that you should remember is that from the beginning till the end you have to maintain the actual number of the mines because if you miss a single piece, then you have to attend the previous space to search the missing one. So be very careful while playing the game.