Frequently Asked Questions

Games does not work, what can i do?
In order to help you with this question, you need to identify the platform used by the game. For playing flash games at the site you need to have flash player installed and you need to run them using Google Chrome browser. If you computer is missing it you can install it anytime by using the link we provided in the last sentence. More then 90% of the games available at our website are flash based games so if you fix this problem you should be able to play most of the games. The less then 10% left are Unity3D based games and you need Firefox in order to run them. Besides Firefox, you need to install the Unity plugin which is available here. After completing these steps, if you are still unable to play the games, then please contact us using the contact us page.

Whats the cost for playing games at Minecraft-Free-Games?
Our website distributes only the games that are 100% free to play, so you can play the games as much as you want for free. This is why our websites is considered as an alternative to players that can't afford the real minecraft game.

I find ads disturbing, how to disable them?
We are sorry about this, but the ads previewed at the website are the only type of income for this project. Without them we would not be able to keep this website alive and cannot afford the web developer to expand and extend this website. We are planning implementing a premium user module which will let premium users disable ads, but that's just an idea for the future at the moment.

How to save the progress of my game?
Firefox and Chrome web browser have cookies enabled by default, so if you are not using private or incognito mode of use your progress should be automatically saved into your computer in form of cookies.