Creep Craft

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Creep Craft Game Description

Creep Craft is a flash game. This game is another interesting game between the other games. Creeper and the zombie are the two central characters of the game. This game is also an example of fighting against the enemies. So the fact is not new, but the presentation of the fact is absolutely new. The game shows that the new world is absolutely new to the creepers. This strange world is a difficult place to survive for the creepers. Here in this game zombies are the worst enemies of the creepers. They try to kill the creepers. Now you have to create a strategy to defend the enemies.

As a player, you have the opportunity to use so many options. The first thing that you need to do is to collect all kinds of materials available in the game so that you can craft them and can build weapons against the zombies. The task is different because the zombies only attack when darkness covers. And it is difficult to identify zombies in deep darkness. So it can be possible that you get hurt and can lose your life, although there is a good option to recover the health of the hero or the savior. As a player, you can kill a pig to recover the health and can save several precious lives. The key term to survive in the game is to spend at least five nights. If you survive for five nights, then you are considered as the hero of the game. There are some complex areas that you need to play very carefully. So play the game and enjoy it with great enthusiasm.