About Us

This website is developer by 2 young guys studying computer science who back in the college days couldn't stop playing the original Minecraft game. Since the game was paid and not everyone could afford it a new Minecraft Free Games idea was born where we planned to develop, publish and distribute all online alternatives of Minecraft into one website where everyone can feel the game free of charge.
After couple of days planning and exploring the public and interest of the players, we came to conclusion to finally start developing the website which was ready by the end of 2016(somewhere in December). We started small, with about 4 games at tottal just to see if there would be any interested in playing minecraft games online. After a few weeks, finally in March 2016 we started getting small amount of visitors and getting interested in the website. From then on we add games on daily basis and the number of visitors of our website gradually increases. We will keep developing and publishing new games as well as linking games by other publishers, so stay tuned visit our website and enjoy the games!